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Do your shoes fit well? Here's how to tell...

Correct Toe Room
Make sure you have enough space between the top of your longest toe and the end of your shoes (approx. 1/2inch or 12mm).
A Snug Fit
Your new shoes should feel snug, not too roomy and not too tight. While leather shoes will mould to your foot, they won't stretch.
Slipping Heels
Your heel should fit comfortably in the shoes with the minimum amount of slipping; they should not ride up and down as you walk.

Why it matters


Parents spend much time trying to fit their children correctly, but often neglect their own feet.
While children's feet are always growing, you too can suffer from a number of foot problems by
wearing poor fitting footwear. Women mention foot problems 4 times more than men, which is
mostly due to poor fitting footwear or "excessively high heels".

We are fitting specialists. Our shoes come in up to 6 widths from extra narrow to extra wide and up to 17 sizes, including half sizes.

Most people are wearing the wrong size shoe; are you?


We believe passionately in fitting shoes properly which is why developed a unique Accu-Fit measuring guide.
Your unique profile is then used to guide you through your purchases. Feet can change over time so make sure
you have your feet measured every 2-3 years.

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