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It sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how many retailers no longer measure a customer’s feet. In an effort to save costs many shops, even some so-called specialist shops either don’t measure you and just have you look inside your shoes or leave you to work it out for yourself using trial and error.

We believe passionately in fitting shoes properly which is why we developed a unique Accu-Fit Fitting System for measuring customers through the post. This unique profile is stored and can be referenced any time you order with us to ensure you choose the correct size, width and style which will suit your feet.

Feet can change with time so you should try and make sure you have your feet re-measured every 2-3 years which is why we offer this service completely free.


Call us "old fashioned" but we think if you’re going to sell a product as narrow fitting, then it should be. In the search for ever lower prices and larger profits many manufacturers have given up selling multi-width footwear. That’s why we only deal with specially selected US and European companies that still provide true multi-width footwear.


Your feet are unique and so are our shoes. Unless a shoe is made on the same last then the fit will likely differ. Every manufacturer builds their range to fit as consistently as possible. However, with our expertise we can guide you to which products will fit similar both across brands and styles within a brand.

With 3 generations and over 75 years in footwear we’ve accumulated the knowledge and experience to fit you correctly. We pride ourselves on our in-depth product and manufacturing expertise which we use to build collections that not only look great, but fit great too.


We don’t just sell you shoes, we sell you shoes that fit! We would rather lose a sale than send you shoes we believe won’t suit your feet. That’s why our expertly trained staff will always give you honest advice.


With over 500 style and colour combination, 3 narrow widths (slim, narrow & medium) and 13 sizes (UK 4 - 10 including 1/2 sizes) we’ve got the largest selection of narrow fitting footwear available anywhere in the UK!


A quality product and service backed up with the assurance of comprehensive after-sales. Our industry-leading no-quibble guarantee means if your purchase develops a fault within 12 months of the date of purchase you can have it replaced or a full refund if no longer available. Now that’s peace of mind!