About Us

About Us

Style, Quality & Comfort ... That Fits!

We are a footwear retailer specialising in sizes and widths for men & women.

At James Inglis we believe that footwear shouldn't just look good; it's got to fit and feel amazing.
A family with narrow feet, we found it difficult to find shoes that stayed on and didn't hurt.

We believe women and men of shouldn't have to just "make do" damaging their feet, which is why we sell shoes in up to 17 sizes and 6 widths.


Beautiful and timeless, we travel the globe to find fitted shoes with head-turning designs to causl, everyday looks.



Inspirational design from the artisans in Italy to the USA and beyond, handcrafted to exacting standards.


We are fitting specialists.
Feet are as unique as fingerprints which is why we offer a huge range of lengths & widths.


James Inglis

Established in 1943, James Inglis remains a family-owned business now on its 3rd generation.
Building trusted relationships with our valued customers that see them return time after time.

Exceptional fit it is not just a point of pride for us - it's why we are in business.

Narrow Fitting Shoes

The groundbreaking mail order catalogue specialising in narrow fitting shoes for women
was launched in 1991 with just 12 pages. Our latest catalogue now boasts 52 pages and
over 150 styles in stylish, quality narrow fitting shoes.

An Exciting Future

Realising that few companies genuinely care about fitting anymore we've expanded into sizes and widths for both men and women.

As we enter this new era, we are rich in our energy, proud of our past and excited about our future.

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